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Includes essays by Hugo and Nebula-winning Alexei Panshin, 
Cory Panshin and ASU Professor and author, Paul Cook.

Great attention has been paid in making the books friendly to students. This includes very attractive pricing as well as design features such as special margins on each page that give students ample room to take notes on the book itself.

The series has a distinctive look and feel. The books currently planned are generously sized trade paperbacks (6.69 inches by 9.61 inches) with high quality paper, but still priced lower than most mass-market paperbacks.


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A unique collection of short stories. Includes the following stories: Edgar Allan Poe, The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar; Nathaniel Hawthorne. The Birth Mark; Herman Melville, The Bell Tower; Ambrose G. Bierce, The Damned Thing; Jules Verne, In The Year 2889; H. G. Wells, The Empire of the Ants; Frank Lillie Pollack, Finis; E.M. Forster, The Machine StopsRudyard Kipling, As Easy as A.B.C.; Jack London, The Red OneH. P. LovecraftDagon


An indispensable guide for the student of science fiction

Fifteen years in the making, this meticulously researched work studies the development of science fiction from Mary Shelley through the post world war-II years of Asimov and Heinlein. A comprehensive look at the 'story' of science fiction and a fascinating look at the writers of the genre.

"The best, the best, history of science fiction I have ever read...I expect to read The World Beyond the Hill over and over for the rest of my life. It is an unbelievably wonderful book."--Isaac Asimov

ISBN  978-1-60450-443-9   Hardcover

More Critical Acclaim for The World Beyond the Hill

"Anyone with a serious interest in sf will want to read The World Beyond the Hill for its painstaking research and wealth of fascinating detail."--The Washington Post

"The unfolding story is more engrossing than the plots of a good many fictional works I could name."--Science Fiction Chronicle

"It is a book I cannot recommend too highly."--Phlogiston (New Zealand)

"They (the Panshins) compare writers to each other and to their times and in the process they point out characteristics and relationship and motives that I'd never even thought of but which seem, once pointed out, not only logical, but inescapable." --The Midwest Book Review

"There is an awesome amount of original research and reevaluation here."--Locus Magazine

"An admirable and thorough treatment of the subject, tightly and brilliantly reasoned and very well written. I'm sure that it will be a landmark in literary historiography."--L. Sprague de Camp

"The World Byeond the Hill explores the development of science fiction with an insight and cogency that, so far as my own reading goes, has never been equaled."--Jack Williamson

"Really Marvelous. It is obviously the classic history of science fiction."--Colin Wilson

"This fascinating book makes it clear that science fiction is indeed the visionary literature of our civilization, and a much needed source of vitality."--Charles T. Tart


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