Phoenix Pick is proud to introduce the only satisfaction guarantee
of its kind in the industry for both paper books and ebooks.

1. Paper Books

If you are not satisfied with a book published by Phoenix Pick, return your book with your receipt and a note explaining why you are dissatisfied with the book and we will send you a check for the purchase price, up to the book's list price. This does not include shipping and handling charges and we regret that this offer is only open to residents of the US for books purchased in the US.

If you have lost your receipt, just mail us your book with a note explaining why you are dissatisfied with the purchase and we will send you 80% of the lowest price the book was listed at since publication.

You may return your book at any time after purchase. This is life-long guarantee.

In either case, please be sure to let us know who to address the refund check to and where to mail it.

There is a limit of one return per person. You may not use this guarantee on multiple copies of the same book, or on different books published by Phoenix Pick, Phoenix Pick and Arc Manor reserve the right to refuse to refund the purchase price of a book if, we, in our sole discretion, deem that the offer is being misused or violating the spirit of this offer.

Arc Manor is not responsible for lost, misplaced or mis-delivered mail. If you wish to make sure that we receive your book, please use insured, trackable means of delivery.

Returns should be mailed to:

Refund/Returns PP
Arc Manor
P.O. Box 10339
Rockville, MD 20849-0339

2. Ebooks

Our Ebook return policy only applies to ebooks purchased directly from Arc Manor/Phoenix Pick.

You may return any ebook purchased directly from us by sending your original receipt plus an explanation why you are requesting a refund. You must also write to us from the email you used to purchase the book.

If you have lost your original receipt, you may still request a return using the original email address you used to purchase the book with an approximate purchase date. We will do our best to locate the transaction and if we can we will refund you the full amount of the requested refund.

This is a life-long return policy. However, we may refuse returns to anyone suspected of misusing this facility at our sole discretion.


While we intend to keep this extraordinary guarantee on an ongoing basis we also reserve
the right to terminate it at will, without notice.