T    E    S    T    I    M    O    N    I    A    L    S


All participants in the 2012 workshop were asked to provide a line or two summarizing their experience. Ten students submitted their evaluation forms with those summaries. The following are all ten comments in their entirety.



"Never before have I met such a fantastic, currently relevant and easy-to-talk-to group of movers and shakers! Thanks." —Lou , Class of 2012

"The Workshop packed a ridiculous amount of professional knowledge into a short time period. Intense and valuable!" —Thoraiya, Class of 2012

"The Workshop provides a unique and wonderful opportunity to interact with outstanding faculty, learn about many aspects of the writing business, and have a lot of fun!" —Ilana, Class of 2012

"The critiques, although brief, were very helpful. I believe the business information was very useful to those students that are at the submittal process." —Eva, Class of 2012

"Sail to Success was a wonderful workshop full of industry professionals who truly care about the writing process and the writers’ experience." —Kelly, Class of 2012

"The Workshop gave me insights never considered before. This is too valuable for any aspiring author to pass up." —Gama, Class of 2012

"Unique Workshop. Can bring family along." —Ron, Class of 2012

"Sail to Success provided a unique opportunity to interact with publishers, editors, and agents. That rare, small group interaction was invaluable." —Frank, Class of 2012

"Change class schedule to avoid late night and early morning." —Alvaro, Class of 2012

"The Workshop provided a warm, inviting environment in which writers can come together and find aid in the professions." —Anonymous, Class of 2012


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