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2016 faculty

Mike Resnick
NY Times bestselling
author. Multiple Hugo/Nebula Awards

Jim Minz
S, Editor 
Baen Books, major SF publisher (Bujold, Weber, more)

Jack Skillingstead
Short story specialist. 2013 Philip K. Dick Award nominee

Nancy Kress
NY Times bestselling author. Multiple Hugo//Nebula Awards

Eric Flint
NY Times bestselling author. Creator of the  1632 Universe

Eleanor Wood
Head of
Spectrum Literary Agency, representing
top authors














How many stories will Galaxy's Edge magazine buy from students?

The magazine has guaranteed to buy at least one story from the total pool of students enrolled for the 2015 sailing. However, if the editor likes more than one submission, he may elect to purchase more than one story.

Does Galaxy's Edge pay for the story it buys?

Yes. The magazine will pay its standard rate for new stories, which is six cents per word.

Is Galaxy's Edge a SFWA-approved venue for membership approval?


Will I be able to attend all the sessions and still be able to go on shore visits?

We are arranging the sessions in such a manner (morning/evening) that they will allow all participants a few hours of shore excursions for each port of call. We may also arrange specially organized shore excursions (with the cruise line) for the group structured around the class sessions.

Do we get to choose which classes we wish to attend?

Each attendee is scheduled for all the classes and thus all the students have the same exposure.

Is my payment refundable?

To get full details of the of the payment and refund schedule, click here.

What documentation is required for travel?

Please note that this cruise entails international travel.

(US Citizens Only. Non-US citizens may be required to bring different or additional documentation. Please consult with your embassy.) You need a valid passport OR proof of citizenship and a valid government-issued photo I.D. (driver's license with a photo) or any other WHTI-compliant document. Proof of Citizenship examples include: an original or state certified copy of a U.S. birth certificate, original certificate of U.S. naturalization, original certificate of U.S. citizenship, or a U.S. Consular report of your birth abroad. Baptismal paper and hospital certificates of birth are not acceptable. A U.S. citizen under the age of 16 does not require a government-issued photo ID.

Even though you do not need a valid US passport if you can meet other documentation requirements, we highly recommend that you bring one.

Do all the cabins have their own bathrooms?

Yes. Each cabin has a fully equipped bathroom with a shower.

Will I be able to meet any of the instructors outside of the class sessions?

Yes. We plan to organize some round-table discussions (with limited attendance on a first-come, first-served basis) and/or dinners with the faculty members. They may also make themselves available on their own time but that is up to their discretion.

Is the food really free?

Yes. Except for certain select restaurants, the food is free and you may visit as many of the free restaurants as often as you wish. You can get a listing of the various restaurants by clicking here.

Do I have to pay extra for on-board entertainment?

No.  On-board entertainment is included in the registration fee, though most venues require reservations due to limited seating. However, certain on-board classes and limited sessions may require an additional fee.

Are drinks included?

No. There is an extra charge for all drinks (including most soft drinks).

Can I bring alcoholic drinks on board?

You may bring wine and champagne on board but there is a corkage charge ranging from $15.00 to $30.00 per bottle (depending on size). You are not allowed to bring any other type of alcohol on board and your luggage may be inspected.

What is the drinking age on board?


Is gratuity included?

No. The cruise line will charge each guest a fixed amount per day ($12.00 per day) to distribute to the various staff members who help and entertain you on the trip. You may dispute this amount at the end of the trip if you feel that the tip is not justified.

Is air fare included?

No. You are responsible for transportation to and from Miami. If you are flying into Miami we highly recommend arriving the day before to avoid missing boarding the ship due to flight delays.

Are infants allowed on board?

Yes, but they must be at least six months old on the day of sailing.

Are babysitters available?

Babysitters (for ages 2 to 12) are offered for a nominal fee.

Are there activities for children?

Yes. There are a number of programs for kids and teens, from the Nickelodeon at Sea program to kids' pools and slides and special activities planned just for children.

Is Internet access available?

Yes. The ship is equipped with a 24-hour Internet café as well as Internet service in select rooms. There is a charge for accessing the Internet on board. Please note that the charge is higher than that usually charged by land-based services and is significantly slower.

What’s the weather like in the Bahamas in December?

During December the temperatures in the Bahamas typically vary between a daily high of about 78.0 degrees and a daily low of approximately 66.0 degrees

During the early morning hours of an average December day in the Bahamas, you can expect the temperature will be in the vicinity of 68.2 degrees. In December, temperatures typically rise to around 77.3 degrees by early afternoon. By early evening, temperatures in the Bahamas generally decline to around 71.4 degrees. Overall, temperatures in the Bahamas during December average around 72.0 degrees.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is allowed on stateroom balconies and in certain select areas of the ship. Most smoking venues are open-air, though smoking is allowed in the casino and in designated smoking lounges.

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