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Larry Niven

Effective Dates: June 2, 2017 to June 30, 2017

ISBN 978-1-61242-069-1, 214 Pages, Trade Paperback 6” x 9”

Here is an extraordinary mix of fantasy and science fiction from a true master of of the genre, Larry Niven.

The Niven stories in this collection include collaborations with authors such as Jerry Pournelle (“Spirals”) and Steven Barnes (“The Locusts”).

Larry Niven’s credits include the award-winning Ringworld series, his “Known Space” novels and the Man-Kzin anthologies. His collaborations with Jerry Pournelle include such titles as Lucifer’s Hammer, Inferno and The Mote in God’s Eye.

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Oath of Fealty (with Jerry Pournelle)     ISBN 978-1-61242-297-8, 290 Pages, Trade Paperback 6” x 9"

“Rare Storytelling…demands to be read at one sitting.” —Chicago Sun-Times
“Nobody does it better than Niven and Pournelle.” —Tom Clancy
“Exciting, swift and suspenseful.” —Theodore Sturgeon

In a dystopian future, where pollution and violence overrun Los Angeles streets, a Utopia flourishes. Todos Santos is thousand-foot-high arcology; a single-structured city that rises above the festering skyscrapers to offer its privileged residents the perfect blend of technology and security in exchange for their oath of allegiance and vigilance.

But is this orderly city elevating humanity, or shackling it? There are those who feel the constant video surveillance is oppressive, rather than inclusive, or that the city is monopolizing hard-earned resources, and taking money away from the poorer Angelinos.

Connected through neural implants to MILLIEthe AI that runs all of Todos Santos’ systemsArt Bonner and Barbara Churchwood work with a team of dedicated staff to protect the city against the FROMATEs ("Friends of Man and the Earth”), who are a group of anti-technology zealots dedicated to destroying everything they have built. When three youths break into the city, to see if they can exploit its weaknesses, the repercussions of their actions threaten to bring one of humanity's most ambitious projects to its knees....


Red Tide     ISBN 978-1-61242-132-2, 214 Pages, Trade Paperback 5” x 8”

Loosely based on Larry Niven's 1973 novella "Flash Crowd," Red Tide continues to examine the social consequences of the impact of having instantaneous teleportation, where humans can instantly travel long distances in milliseconds.

This is a theme that has fascinated the author throughout his career and appeared in his seminal work Ringworld, where the central character celebrates his birthday by instantly teleporting himself to different time zones, extending his birthday. The author also discussed the impact of such instantaneous transportation in his essay "Exercise in Speculation: The Theory and Practice of Teleportation."

Larry Niven is joined by two younger writers, Brad R. Torgersen and Matthew J. Harrington, as they take on this challenging idea and further develop the theories and concepts that Niven originally presented in "Flash Crowd."